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Your donation will help us to promote and facilitate the care and feeding of these fine, old motor yachts.

CYA is a 501(c)3 Educational Organization

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Officers of CYA for 2023

CYA Flag Officers
  • Commodore: Gerry Kamilos, NC  
  • Vice Commodore: Mike Fazio, USA
  • Rear Commodore:  Michael Topliss, CAN
  • Staff Commodore: John Peckham, SC
  • Secretary: Gerry Kamilos, NC

CYA Appointed Officers

  • Executive Treasurer: Jim Paynton, PNW
  • Historian: Margie Paynton, PNW
  • Roster Editor: Interim - Brynn Rovito, SC
  • CYA Newsletter Editor: Bill Shain, PNW
  • Webmaster: Alex Endzell, PNW
Yacht Registration Committee
  • John Peckham, SC
  • David Huchthausen, PNW
  • George Homenko, NC
  • Michael Topliss, CAN
  • Steve Wilen, USA

Fleet Representatives on the CYA Board of Directors

  • Canadian Fleet:
         Michael Topliss, Gord Wintrup
  • Northern California Fleet:
         Gerry Kamilos, Dino Barsotti
  • Pacific Northwest Fleet:
         Bob Wheeler, Christian Dahl, Larry Benson
  • Southern California Fleet:
         Rick Olson, Dianna Ettel
  • USA Fleet:
         Mike Fazio

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CYA is a 501(c)3 Organization

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