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Welcome to the Southern California Fleet
of the Classic Yacht Association

Covering Southern California, the SC Fleet has numerous events and rendezvous throughout the year. 

If you'd like to join us, or just come for a look at these spectacular yachts, just check out our calendar of events, or peruse the photo gallery of our fleet's vessels.

2023 Southern California
Fleet Officers:

Commodore: Dianna Ettel
Vice Commodore: Rick Olson
Staff Commodore: Janet Beggs
CYA Directors: Rick Olson, Dianna Ettel

Secretary: Christianne Clark
Treasurer: Elissa Olson
Fleet Historian: Rick Olson
Newsletter Editor: Janet Beggs
Fleet Instagram Coordinator: John Peckham
Fleet Facebook Coordinator: Dianna Ettel
Fleet Membership Ambassador: Jim Kroeger

CYA Yacht Registration Committee Representative: John Peckham

Contact Info:
For other information concerning the Southern California Fleet please use this form to contact: 
Southern California Fleet Commodore

2023 Bridge
Shown above: Vice Commodore Rick Olson, Commodore Dianna Ettel, Staff Commodore Janet Beggs, Treasurer Elisa Olson, and Secretary Christianne Clark

Yachts of the Southern California Fleet

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CYA is a 501(c)3 Organization

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