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The CYA Classifieds are provided as a service to CYA members and the general public.  CYA is not a broker, and this board is operated by volunteers for the non-profit CYA organization.  CYA receives no compensation for any ads or sales through these listings.  When you reply to an ad, your reply goes straight to the seller. Our only goal is to help bring buyers and sellers of classic motoryachts, services and equipment together.


  • Anyone can read and respond to the ads.  To post ads, however, you must Register by clicking on the Register button.  You will be asked for your name and email address.  That information will not be posted with your ad, but will be used to forward inquiries to you in response to your ad.  (CYA will not sell or use your email address in any other way.) There is no charge for ads at this time. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must click on the link in order to activate your account.
  • Items should be related to classic motor yachting in some way. (Our focus is on pre-1965 power yachts.)  Sorry, ads not relating to classic yachting will not be accepted.  There are plenty of other places to advertise general interest boating items -- we want to keep the focus on old motor vessels, and reserve the right to reject ads not in keeping with our focus.  Although sailing yachts are not eligible for membership in CYA, you are welcome to place ads for them in the Sailing Yachts category.
  • Please adhere to our category definitions carefully.  "Classic" is only for motor yachts built prior to 1943, "Vintage" is for those built between 1943 and 1964. Use "Modern Classic" for all others, i.e. 1965 and newer.
  • Anyone can submit ads  --  you don't have to be a CYA member.    (Only requirement is that the ad relate someway to classic motorboats.)
  • To place an ad, first be sure you are logged in.  Click on "Post an Ad" and follow the instructions.  You can include webpage links or email addresses by just typing them in, and they'll get converted to links when the ad goes online.  Or include a URL to your site in the field supplied.
  • Ads will be set to expire 12 months from date of creation.  Renewal reminders will be sent out 30 days prior to expiration.  At that time you can extend your ad.  Please Note:  You must log in and extend your ad before the expiration date or it will be automatically deleted on it's expiration date, and cannot be recovered. 
  • Please delete any ads as soon as you've sold the item or  no longer need the ad. Simply Log In and go to your ad, click Edit and then Delete.
  • Up to 5 photos can be included with each ad, and will be uploaded from your computer.  The maximum size is 640 x 480 pixels.  Photos exceeding this size will be automatically resized.  Or if you prefer, you can mail paper photos to webmaster, Rick Etsell, 2618 Washington Blvd, Anacortes, WA 98221.  (Please include SASE if you wish the photos returned.)  CYA members can request additional photos for inclusion with an ad.
  • In the Description fields, you can use HTML code (if you know how) to add hyperlinks, bold, italics, etc.  Contact the webmaster if you would like more help dressing up your ad text.  Also, additional ad pages can be created for CYA members, with links from your ad.
  • Tip:  Most responders ask for more details and photos, so it's a good idea to have a full page listing for the boat as well, and link your classified ad to it.  Most internet service providers provide some space for personal webpages, or you can use a service such for excellent results.

If additional assistance is needed, please contact [email protected]

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