Historical Summary:

Commissioned in 1932 by Howard Marlin of Marlin Firearms, Motor Yacht Linmar was built by New York Yacht, Launch and Engine to offer private, luxury cruising throughout the East Coast’s Intracoastal Waterway.  Linmar steamed the next 73 years along both coasts of North and Central America, from the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, to the Panama Canal, Mexico, and north to Alaska’s Inside Passage.  She has operated as both a private yacht, and charter vessel.

In February 2006, a fire ravaged Linmar in San Fransisco, destroying the entire hold deck and much of the house, and burning through the hull, crippling her structurally and leaving her a blackened void.  Smoke wreaked havoc in every remaining space, permeating every timber, nook and cranny.  Linmar was deemed a total loss.

Kuhrt Wieneke purchased the charred ship from salvage in May 2006 and, together with his business partner, Chris Thurber, set forth on a complete overhaul and restoration.  The work involved re-powering with new EPA-friendly engines, the replacement of all onboard systems, a full cosmetic overhaul, and substantial new construction.  Twenty-five percent of the hull – including planks, frames and stringers from shelf to keel – had to be rebuilt from scratch.  Literally every piece of wood onboard Linmar was replaced or reworked.

Linmar currently moors in Seattle, WA.  and is available for luxury cruising throughout the Puget Sound, British Columbia, and Alaska’s Inside Passage.

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