Historical Summary:

Eleanor was built by the Stephens Brothers and launched in Stockton on February 17th of 1931. Stephens was comissioned to build her by Carl G. Washburne, her original owner.  Mr. Washburn named the yacht "Manana of Gardiner". Manana was then taken to Oregon, where she remained with him for the next three years.

In 1934, Carl Washburne sold Manana to Dr. Schneider of Stockton, who renamed her Eleanor, after his wife. .  In 1943 Eleanor was sold to Earl Cooper, who was the Secretary of the Oakland Yacht Club and later became Commodore. In 1971 Dave Bey Hill cruised Eleanor from Antioch to San Diego, her new home. There she cruised the waters of San Diego Harbor, with some trips to Santa Catalina Island.

Eleanor is now back in the San Fransisco Bay.  As perhaps the most nearly unchanged Stephens yacht of her period, she continues to cruise with the same stately poise as in 1931.